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During the last 20 years, I/ we researched in various Duos and Ensembles at the interface of composed and improvised music. Acoustic and electronic sounds, noises and spoken language were treated as equivalent abstract musical materials.
For this purpose, I developed during the years various instrumental setups.
Since 2009, the sound-materials which I used in various groups were more and more influenced by compositions and solo-pieces, I worked on parallel: often, I varied previous elaborated musical elements within different contexts.
On the other hand, I processed some originally for ensemble-pieces developed material in my compositions and solo-pieces.

Groups, Setups and documentations:

1999- 2006





Setup: prepared electro-acoustic guitar, 4-track-recorder, objects, 1 - 2 loudspeakers
Collaborations and sound researches a.o. with Andrea Neumann, Taku Sugimoto, Alessandro Bosetti, Andrea Ermke, Burkhard Beins, Rho, Phosphor

» Rotophormen
» A Duo in Berlin
» eine gitarre ist eine gitarrre ist keine gitarre ist eine gitarre
» alessandro bosetti. annette krebs
» Reduktion–zur Aktualität einer musikalischen Strategie von Peter Niklas Wilson,
 Edition Neue Zeitschrift für Musik:
--CD-Track with Das Kreisen

» Septett Phosphor mit P1: Neue Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000
Deutscher Musikrat/ Sony BMG

2006- 2009



Setup: semi-acoustic guitar, mixing desk, objects, radios, samples/ soundplant, 2 loudspeakers
Collaborations and sound researches a.o. with Robin Hayward, Ana-Maria Rodriguez, Steffi Weismann, Phosphor

» Beirut-Ystad
» Sgraffito
» Siyu
» Phosphor II
» Kravis Rhonn Project

2009- 2011



Setup: prepared e-guitar, mixing desk, objects, radios, samples/ soundplant, 2 loudspeakers
Collaborations and sound researches a.o. with Taku Unami, Sven-Åke Johansson, Anthea Caddy, Magda Mayas, Steffi Weismann

» Motubachii
» Thread
» VA - Fukushima!

Ab 2011


Setup: prepared e-guitar, mixing desk, objects, computer, midi controller, 2 loudspeakers
Collaborations a.o. with David Dove, Jean-Luc Guillonet, Tomomi Adachi

» Tomomi Adachi & Annette Krebs
---Concert in Berlin, Quiet Cue

» David Dove & Annette Krebs
---Concert in Leeds, UK

Further concerts and projects a.o. with:

Chris Abrahams, Ernst Carel, Lucio Capece, Johnny Chang, Peter Cusack, Rhodri Davies, Axel Dörner, Daniel Meyer Gronewold, Chris Heenan, Marcus Heesch, Jassem Hindi, Christof Kurzmann, Les femmes savantes, Wade Matthews, Kaffe Matthews, Die Maulwerker, Toshimaru Nakamura, Michael Renkel, Olaf Rupp, Ignaz Schick, Christoph Schiller, Ulrike Sowodniok, Burkhard Stangl, Kazu Uchihashi, Birgit Ulherr, Luca Venitucci, Michael Vorfeld, Zeitkratzer