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Reviews (selection)


CD: The Berlin Series No.2 with rush!, Another Timbre #72

CD: The Berlin Series No.3 with Roananax, Another Timbre #75

CD: thread, Another Timbre#48
Annette Krebs/Anthea Caddy/Magda Mayas

CD: peashot, Olof Bright OBCD29
Sven-Åke Johansson/Annette Krebs
by Ken Waxman

CD: Falter 1-5, Cathnor cath 008
Ernst Karel/Annette Krebs
von Ken Waxman

CD: Phosohor II, Potlatch PT-P109
collected reviews

CD: kravis rhonn project, Another Timbre #15
Annette Krebs/Rhodri Davies

» Konzerte und Kollaborationen in Japan 2008
by Jon Abbey

CD: sgraffito
Blog, "I hate music"
» musicworks, issue # 103/ Jazzword by Ken Waxman

CD: Alessandro Bosetti/Annette Krebs, GROB 540
by Ken Waxman

CD: Phosphor I , Potlatch 2001

CD: guitar solo, fringes recordings, IT
» http://www.stylusmagazine.com/reviews/annette-krebs/guitar-solo.htm
» http://www.allmusic.com/album/guitar-solo-mw0000981204
» https://www.taz.de/1/archiv/?dig=2003/01/28/a0222