A n n e t t e . K r e b s                         

Music for objects, voice and live electronics


Since 2013 Annette Krebs has been developing and playing instrumental assemblages made of highly amplified metal pieces, strings, objects and microphones. These assemblages "Konstruktion#1" until " Konstruktion#4" originated from the necessity to realize sound visions that could not be played with traditional instruments and setups. Like through a microscope, microphones make audible the finest, otherwise inaudible sound shades and colours of the sound objects. The series Konstruktion combines analog and digital techniques and playing techniques. The signals of the manually played sound objects are controlled via tablets, transformed and, similar to different colours that flow into each other, mix or remain next to each other, are musically collaged. The course of time, of standing, flowing, frozen time, is also explored and sculpturally elaborated within the series.

Annette Krebs was born in Germany (Saarland) and has been living in Berlin since 1993. Since her childhood she has played numerous instruments and has been engaged in the fine arts. She completed her music studies at the HfMDK in Frankfurt am Main. Before she began developing the series Konstruktion, she gradually deconstructed her original instrument, the guitar, musically. With her first solo CD "guitar solo" ("Fringes Recordings", IT) she was portrayed in the magazine "The Wire- adventures in modern music" (UK) in 2002. Her last guitar composition "rush", a acoustic collage that reduces the sounds of the guitar to a last scrap and crack, appeared in 2014 on the label "Another Timbre - The Berlin Series no.2" (UK).

Annette appears as a soloist and with various ensembles worldwide at concerts and festivals (including "100 Jahre Bauhaus-Das Eröffnungsfestival"; "Donaueschinger Musiktage"; "Heroines Of Sound Festival"; "Kontakt - Biennale für Elektroakustische Musik und Klangkunst").

Her music has been supported by numerous scholarships (e.g. "Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa", Berlin; "Goethe-Institut"; "Cité Internationale des Arts Paris"; "Akademie der Künste", Berlin; "EMS Elektronmusik Studion", Stockholm) and presented in radio and press (e.g. "Positionen-Texte zur aktuellen Musik", "Deutschlandradio Kultur", "WDR-3", "BR Klassik").