Konstruktion#1 is a sound sculpture, developed for the realization of the same-named solo piece.

It consists of metals, strings, wood, various objects, microphones and pickups.
Similar to a MaxMSP- patch, it consists in different modules and areas, connected with each other variably.
With the aid of midi- and OSC- controllers, the MaxMSP software can be controlled in real-time.

The composition is in such a way structured, that it can be performed in recognizable ways, however never becoming identical.
Only the first 2 minutes of every concert are nearly identical.
Thus every concert becomes unique and shows different perspectives on the fundamental idea of the composition.

Video links:

» Concert, Version 2 : Quiet Cue Berlin, 2014
» Concert, Version 3 : DOM Cultural Center, Concert series Mikroton Live 5, Moskau 2014
» Concert, Version 6 : Sonic Arts Research Centre SARC, Sonic Lab, Queen’s University Belfast 2015
» Concert, Version 8 : Serralves EM Festa, Porto 2015


(Some frequencies are just hearable with headphones or regular loudspeakers)

» Photos


Concerts 2014-15, selection:

Berlin: »Biegungen im Ausland
Berlin: »QuietCue
Moskow: »Dom Cultural Center
St. Petersburg: »Experimental Sound Gallery
Oslo: »Notam- Norwegian center for technology in music and the arts
Belfast: »Sonic Arts Research Centre
Berlin: Instituto Cervantes, »Festival Arte Sonoro Español FASE 2015
Porto: »Serralves EM Festa 2015

Berlin: Festival »translating music:
»Kyoka translating Annette Krebs