Electro-acoustic live assemblage of metal pieces, strings, objects, microphones, tablets and sensors

Modular sound assemblage, developed for collaborative projects and solo pieces for two loudspeakers.
Konstruktion#4 contains elements of Konstruktion#1 - #3, which can be freely combined, extended and varied.
Sounds and noises are mixed live using two tablet controllers (Touch OSC).

©Annette Krebs

Konstruktion#4 combines objects and sounds from



Annette Krebs & Steffi Weismann: KALTES GLÜHEN
for magnified image objects and Konstruktion#4


Past concerts, excerpts

01.05.2019, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
Annette Krebs und Steffi Weismann: Kaltes Glühen (UA)
ein audiovisueller Dialog für Sound-Assemblagen und Mikroskopkameras

18.08.2018 Flux-Festival, Berlin

29.06.2018 Ljubljana/ Bistrica ob Sotli
KUD Mreža
Jean-Luc Guilonet(Orgel) & Annette Krebs(Konstruktion#4)

13.05.2018, Dock 11, Berlin (Premiere)
Pilze und Fische- Lisa Stertz und Yuko Kaseki: performance, dance
Annette Krebs: Konstruktion#4

Sounds, examples
(audible with headphones or good speakers)

Sketch 1 | Solo: String-board (real bow strokes and frozen shadows) + sine tones (reconstructions of overtones in real time) + voice (pitched and shadowed)


Sketch 2 | Duo with Jean-Luc Guionnet in Bistrica ob Sotli, Slovenia.Organized and produced by KUD Mreža, Ljubliana.
Video and roughmix: Jernej Babnik Romaniuk