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Music for objects, voice and live electronics





Konstruktion#1 - #4


Actual Solo CD, released in July '21

Konstruktion 1 & 2 Sah
Graphit 01

Track 1 : Konstruktion#1 for metal pieces, microphones, voice, 2 sampled voices, stringed woods, plastic animals, computer, midi controllers and tablet (22:46) | › excerpt

track 2 : Sah - Three live-perfprmed audio portraits (11:08) | › excerpt

track 3 : Konstruktion#2 : Tro for metal pieces, their sonic reconstructions via sine waves and spectral freezings, one guitar string, microphones, 2 sampled voices, computer, tablets and Arduino (24:41) | › excerpt

Cover art and photos (page 1,2,3,5) by Annette Krebs
Thanks to Anton Rodionov for his video (excerpt on page 4), and to Isabell Spengler for her video (excerpt on page 6)
Released exclusively as a CD, not as a digital album.


You can oder the CD via Bandcamp, or directly over my PayPal account here:


Since 2013 I have been developing the series Konstruktion.
On this CD I have included three solo works, "Konstruktion#1", "Konstruktion#2" and "Sah", for each of which I had developed 3 different sound assemblages.
The compositions are structured so that they could evolve over the years. They varied musical themes anew in each period and live version, thereby continually illuminating different views of the overarching abstract theme.
Each stage of development, from the first performance to the late versions, had its own characteristics. This CD features the solos and sound assemblages Konstruktion#1, Konstruktion#2 and Sah in their latest versions.

More information about the series and the instruments:


The solo-label GRAPHIT exists since 2021.

Thereby I was inspired by the idea of a painter's canvas, on which works can be presented and published directly, analog, uncompromising, concentrated and without the need to outsource essential production processes.

Graphite is thus an audio canvas on which I can publish music as a physical object directly and without compromise. The music and the design of the graphics form a unity.
The covers and CDs are designed to reflect the expression of the music and to document underlying instruments.


New works and researches during the lockdown:

New compositions, research and collaborations within the system and instrument
› Konstruktion#4
Gefördert durch die Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Emilio Gordoa und Annette Krebs @ Ausland, Berlin 2021

New compositions for sonic assemblages by Heather Frasch and Annette Krebs

photo: AK

Concerts with public!:

03-07. Berlin
Ready Making
Hosek Contemporary
Konstruktion#4: Bewegungen für 5 Lautsprecher
Concert and CD release

24.-29.08., Berlin
Dara String Festival
Konstruktion#4: Solo für 2 Lautsprecher,
Duo mit Biliana Voutchkova



January- February 2020
Australia- New Zealand tour with Konstruktion#4

06.01. Perth
Tone List - St Paul's Church, Menora
Solo Concert
› http://www.tonelist.com.au/events
› https://www.facebook.com/events/st-pauls-catholic-church/rookwood-annette-krebs-jim-denley-dale-gorfinkel/555286248575528/

Sounding Together Workshop
with Jim Denley & Annette Krebs
› https://www.tonelist.com.au/soundingtogether

14.01. Perth
St Paul's Church, Menora
Sounding Together Showing Concert
› https://www.tonelist.com.au/events

18.01. Launceston, Tasmania
› Mona Forma Festival
QVMAG Inveresk Community Gallery
2 Invermay Road,
7248 Launceston
3 Solo sets, Konstruktion#4
3:15pm / 5:00pm / 6:45pm
› https://mofo.net.au/program/annette-krebs

19.01. Hobart, Tasmania
› Mona Forma Festival
Mona – Museum of Old and New Art
1 pm
2 Solo sets, Konstruktion#4

19.01.RTRFM92.1 (Perth), 9pm
"Difficult Listening "
Interview with Eduardo Cossio
Konstruktion#1 | Sah
Stream: https://rtrfm.com.au/story/annette-krebs-imagined-sounds/

20.01. Sydney
People’s Republic of Australasia
2050 Sydney - Camperdown
›https://www.goethe.de/ins/au/de/ver.cfm?fuseaction=events.detail&event_id=21713835Solo, Konstruktion#4

21.01. Sydney
Private concert for one listener (not public)
› http://www.safeinsound.com.au/

24.01. Sydney
Tempe Jets
Holbeach AveTempe, NSW
1. Cor Fuhler Mel Herbert and Clare Cooper
2. Annette Krebs (Germany)and Laura Altman (Sydney)
3. Duo Nesbitt / Johnson
Roxanne Nesbitt, symbiotic percussion (Canada)
Niki Johnson, percussion
› https://www.emus.space/calendar/2020/1/24/nights-at-tempe-summer-edition

28.01. Melbourne
Make It Up Club
MIUC 280120 22nd Birthday Festival! Week Four
Duo mit Robbie Avenaim

31.01. Canberra
SoundOut Festival
Drill Hall Gallery
Workshop (event location and time have been changed!)
10 am -12:00

01.02. Canberra
SoundOut Festival

3pm: Konstruktion#4, solo
› https://soundout2020.blogspot.com/2019/11/blog-post.html› https://www.facebook.com/events/581840632637570/

02.02. Canberra
SoundOut Festival
3 pm: Trio
Annette Krebs: Konstruktion #4 - Germany
Nick Ashwood: guitar / objects - Tasmania
Rhys Butler: alto saxophone - Canberra

7:15 pm: Quartett
Alexandra Spence: objects/electronics - Sydney
Annette Krebs: Konstruktion #4 - Germany
Richard Johnson: wind instruments – Canberra
Dylan van der Schyff: drums - Canada

› https://soundout2020.blogspot.com/2019/11/blog-post.html› https://www.facebook.com/events/581840632637570/

07.02. Auckland
Audio Foundation
AF & Auckland Live present: Annette Krebs & the True Bliss Experience at Aotea Square

07.02. Auckland
AF presents: Annette Krebs (Germany), Ivan Mrši?, Jess Quaid / Joel Vinsen- Friday 7 February

08.02. Auckland
AF presents: Annette Krebs (Germany) performs with Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, Clovis McEvoy – Saturday 8 February

13.02. Auckland
Workshop / artist talk:

Pyramid Club

The Miracle Room

The tour is made possible by the kind support of the Goethe-Institut


04.2020, online
AMPLIFY2020 quarantine festival
Konstruktion#4: Corona Variations
(April 2020)

› https://amplify2020.bandcamp.com/album/konstruktion-4-corona-variations?fbclid=IwAR2IWPcTQLrF-Wc-6nQFuWHAhc5eIUNK4MO1gqpEQfUdFutw7dUcueICLMU

Donations are welcome here:
› paypal.me/mikroklang

04.2020, 11 pm-1 am (CEST) ,online
"The Boring Music Show" by Joseph Kudirka
› https://www.keithfem.com/

05.2020, Frameworkradio.net
Edition#712: 2020.05.03
by Patrick, May 4, 2020

Window-concert, Berlin
PeterCusack: fild recordings
Annette Krebs: Konstruktion#4
› https://www.facebook.com/events/3071135169640637/

27.08. Berlin
@ Zwingli Kirche, 19:45h
› Audiovisionen: Annette Krebs + Feedbackorchester
Solo for metal pieces, strings, objects, voice and live electronics

05.09. Berlin
@ Schwartzsche Villa, 17:15h
25-jähriges Jubiläum der Schwartzschen Villa
Solo für Metallstücke, Saiten, Objekte, Stimme und live-Elektronik
› Programm

New release on Bandcamp
› pointe sèche
Duo CD with Jean-Luc Guionnet
inexhaustible editions
Available since July 2020

18.09., Berlin
Akut Macht Neu
Duo mit Emilio Gordoa & Konstruktion#4 / WSR
19:30, Platzreservierung erforderlich

21.10., Berlin
Studio Rainer Spehl, Brunnenstr. 152
Duos2020 Krebs/Voutchkova

24.11., Brno (cancelled) - all concerts and workshops online
Festival Setkávání Nové Hudby Plus / Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts
Live-Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03tgRS5ahTA

7:55/ 8 pm
Konstruktion#4: Five Movements

30.11., Live-Stream
Festival Setkávání Nové Hudby Plus / Janáček Academy of Music
Workshop for students of the Music Faculty of the Janacek Academy



18.01.2019, Berlin
100 Jahre Bauhaus- Das Eröffnungsfestival
Reframes, Unikate 2
Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Konstruktion#3: Third movements
für acht live bespielte Lautsprecher
im Rahmen des Eröffnungsfestivals

27.01., Tonhalle Hannover
Konstruktion#4 & Tonhallenorchester

21.03., Berlin
 Series :: , KM28, Neukölln
Duokonzert: Konstruktion#4 & Tomomi Adachi 

01.05. Berlin, Acker Stadt Palast

Fluid Spaces

Annette Krebs und Steffi Weismann: Kaltes Glühen (UA)
ein audiovisueller Dialog für Sound-Assemblagen und Mikroskopkameras
Frederik Olofsson: Greenwashing (UA)
audiovisuelle Komposition für Infrarotkamera, elektromagnetische Felder und Live-
Laura Mello: Composing for many media including me (Version 2019)
intermediale Soloperformance für Körper-Instrument, Stimme, Elektronik und Live-Kamera

Konzept/ Produktionsleitung: Steffi Weismann & Annette Krebs

Gefördert durch

11.05. Berlin,
Biegungen im Ausland

Objects in Space
Annette Krebs: "Konstruktion#3 - third movements"
Für 8 live bespielte Lautsprecher
Heather Frasch: neue Komposition für das Setup digital boxes
"Digital boxes are a versatile digital instrument built from cigar boxes. ( https://www.heatherfrasch.net/digitalboxes )
Lucio Capece: "On incomplete givenness"
For One flying speaker hanging from a balloon, moving in circles pushed by a propeller, sine tones, analog filter and stereo PA

Konzeption: Annette Krebs
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Biegungen im Ausland und INM Berlin

tudio works

Annette Krebs & Steffi Weismann:
for magnified image and sound objects
Duo-Trailer 2019
(please listen with good speakers or headphones)

Working on a Solo CD

› Quadrophonia #4.0
Internationales Festival für Elektro­akustische Kunst

Neues Museum Nürnberg
Konstruktion#3 - Fassung für 4 Lautspreche

20.10., Hannover, tba
Tonhallenorchester & Steffi Weismann (live video)
& Annette Krebs (Konstruktion#4)

17.11., Krakow
Audio Art Festival
Konstruktion#3: Third movements


Berlin, 22.11.
Meeting, Experiment, Improvisation
Lisa Stertz (Performance) & Annette Krebs (Konstruktion#4)
LLLssoirée – a performative eve curated by lisa stertz
› Bar Barbiche

Berlin, 13.-19.08.
› In Flux Festival
Konstruktion#4 - Soloversion

San Sebastián, 31.08.
› Dantz Festival

Berlin, 09.07.
Labor Sonor Series 2018
› Konstruktion#2: Tro

Ljubljana/ Bistrica ob Sotli, 29.06.
KUD Mreža
Duo: Jean-Luc Guilonet(Orgel) & Annette Krebs(Konstruktion#4)

Berlin, 13.5.
› Pilze und Fisch
e- Lisa Stertz und Yuko Kaseki | Annette Krebs: Konstruktion#4

22:05 bis 23:00 Uhr
Horizonte - die Sendereihe für Neue Musik auf BR-KLASSIK
Über unerhörte Instrumente und ihre Erbauer
Von Horst Konietzny
(Ausschnitte über Konstruktion#3)
› https://www.br-klassik.de/programm/radio/ausstrahlung-1348074.html

› Previous Projects