Concert for 4-6 loudspeakers

Solo for strings, voices, objects, electronics and loudspeakers in various environments

This solo-composition can be performed as well in concert spaces as in public space.
Six loudspeakers are places in different spots in the performance space, and are triggered live independently from each other.
The array of the loudspeakers and the structuring of the concert space are adapted within each concert situation individually.

The loudspeakers function both as single actors which can be perceived isolated from the others in their individual placement in the space, and as loudspeaker-ensemble, which merges sounds in the concert space.


Tape version, stereo

part 1:

part 2:

Some tones and noises are very silent. Please use headphones or good loudspeakers to hear all frequencys.

Tape version, six-channel

The six-channel tape-version of this composition was realized in Studio für Elektronische Musik der TU Berlin, Fachgebiet Audiokommunikation.
Please contact me when you are interested in a presentation.

Echtzeitmusik-Festival - Ausland, Berlin
© Klaus Kuervers

Concert series Zwielicht - Hackesche Höfe, Berlin
© Klaus Rudolf Bittl

Internationales Musikfestival "Was Hören Wir?"
barn inGrimma- Kaditsch, Germany

Score, expert



Internationales Musikfestival Was Hören Wir? , Denkmalschmiede Höfgen, 2009
Zwielicht, A trans Pavilion, Hackesche Höfe III, Berlin, 2009
Art-space lokaal 01, Breda, Netherlands, 2009
Jazz en Nord Festival , Marcq en Baroeul, France, 2010
Q-O2, Brussles, 2010
Worm, Rotterdam, 2010
Ny Musikk Bergen & Utmark, Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway, 2010
Echtzeitmusiktage, Berlin, 2010
LISTEN 04, Paris, 2010
Cité Internationale des Arts, Auditorium, Paris, 2011
Festival personal and collective , Kud Mreza, Ljubljana, Slowenia, 2011
Fylklingen / FRIM, Stockholm, 2011

Alte Schmiede, Vienna, 2012
Klangwerstatt 2012 - Festival für Neue Musik , Berlin, 2012