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Music for objects, voice and live electronics







Solo CD and label release July '21

Konstruktion 1 & 2 Sah
Graphit 01

Track 1 : Konstruktion#1 for metal pieces, microphones, voice, 2 sampled voices, stringed woods, plastic animals, computer, midi controllers and tablet (22:46) | › excerpt

track 2 : Sah - Three live-perfprmed audio portraits (11:08) | › excerpt

track 3 : Konstruktion#2 : Tro for metal pieces, their sonic reconstructions via sine waves and spectral freezings, one guitar string, microphones, 2 sampled voices, computer, tablets and Arduino (24:41) | › excerpt

Cover art and photos (page 1,2,3,5) by Annette Krebs
Thanks to Anton Rodionov for his video (excerpt on page 4), and to Isabell Spengler for her video (excerpt on page 6)
Released exclusively as a CD, not as a digital album.

You can oder the CD via Bandcamp, or directly over my PayPal account here:


Since 2013 I have been developing the series Konstruktion.
On this CD I have included three solo works, "Konstruktion#1", "Konstruktion#2" and "Sah", for each of which I had developed 3 different sound assemblages.
The compositions are structured so that they could evolve over the years. They varied musical themes anew in each period and live version, thereby continually illuminating different views of the overarching abstract theme.
Each stage of development, from the first performance to the late versions, had its own characteristics. This CD features the solos and sound assemblages Konstruktion#1, Konstruktion#2 and Sah in their latest versions.

More information about the series and the instruments:


The solo-label GRAPHIT exists since 2021.

Thereby I was inspired by the idea of a painter's canvas, on which works can be presented and published directly, analog, uncompromising, concentrated and without the need to outsource essential production processes.

Graphite is thus an audio canvas on which I can publish music as a physical object directly and without compromise. The music and the design of the graphics form a unity.
The covers and CDs are designed to reflect the expression of the music and to document underlying instruments.

Release concert in Berlin:



AMPLIFY2020 quarantine festival
› Konstruktion#4: Corona Variations
(April 2020)
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