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Music for objects, voice and live electronics







» Actual Release: Solo CD 2021

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AMPLIFY2020 quarantine festival
› Konstruktion#4: Corona Variations
(April 2020)
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YouTube Releases

CD releases

› The Berlin Series no.3
mit Roananax
Another Timbre, UK

› The Berlin Series no.2
mit › rush!
Another Timbre, UK

› Echtzeitmusik Berlin Compilation
with in between und Phosphor P13
Mikroton Recording & Publishing, Moskau

› VA - Fukushima!
witht Chris Abrahams & Annette Krebs
and the Fieldrecording#occupy 'in a large open space' - Reichstag, Berlin
Presqu'île Records, FR

› Thread
Another Timbre, UK

› Olof Bright, SE

› Motubachii
Erstwhile Records, NY

› Falter 1-5
Cathnor Records 008, UK

› what you make of what i say /2009/
with"in between"
› Compost and Height, UK

› Kravis Rhonn Project
Another Timbre, Sheffield/ UK

› Phosphor II
› Potlatch, FR

› I/D/V 02
› Unframed Recordings ,New York

› Siyu
Soseditions rec. 804, New York

› Berlin Electronics
› Absinth rec. #015, Berlin

› Sgraffito
Self release

› Beirut-Ystad
› Olof Bright Editions, SE

› Annette Krebs, David Lacey, Keith Rowe, Paul Vogel
Homefront Recordings–1, IR

› Various Projects
Self release

› Improvised Music from Japan extra 2006: Berlin, Tokyo
Improvised Music from Japan, Tokyo

› Neue Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000
with: Phosphor, P1
Deutscher Musikrat/ Sony BMG

Labor CD- Labor Sonor/ Kule/ Berlin , Kompilation
with Telefon and Phosphor
Charhizma 026, Vienna/ Berlin

› Reduktion– zur Aktualität einer musikalischen Strategie
by Peter Niklas  Wilson
with Das Kreisen
Edition Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

› alessandro bosetti. annette krebs
Grob records, Köln

Guitar solo
Fringes rec. 12, IT

› eine gitarre ist eine gitarrre ist keine gitarre ist eine gitarre
Rossbin rec., Italien

natnat 02, Mailand/ Berlin

Phosphor I
Potlatch, FR

› A Duo in Berlin
Slub music, Tokyo

Music from Japan
with Taku Sugimoto & Annette Krebs
Improvised Music from Japan, Tokyo

Off site-composed music series in 2001
A bruit secret 101/102, France

› Rotophormen
Charhizma 009, Wien

Mottomo Otomo
with Kaffe Matthews, Andrea Neumann & Annette Krebs
Unlimited XIII, tro76, Wels/ Österreich

Music- and text contributuions to:

Rochenunterbrochen- eine automatische Studie
Composition by Antje Vowinckel

Caressed On The Brow By Unseen Hands
CD/ Composition by Marc Wastell
L 'innomable , London

Call me yesterday
CD/ Composition by Antje Vowinckel

Longitude/ Cratere
CD/ Composition by Hanna Hartmann

CD/ Composition by Otomo Yoshihide
Tzadik Records, New York