You’ve been a central figure in the music scene in Berlin for a long time now, but always seem to be at the cutting edge of new developments. You told me that ‘Rush!’ is likely to be your last solo for your now familiar instrumentation of guitar, electronics and voices. Why is this?


Important motivations for my music are curiosity and drive to research.
I work preferably with material-combinations and questions, which are for me not yet answered in a convincing way, and which are therefore challenging me.
After having explored and thematized the guitar within the last 20 years - until now just amplifying it, without the utilization of effects or digital filters - i know now its potential, its
range of colors and noises, and their possible combinations very well.
Also the possibilities of my actual instrumental setup, consisting in a amplified prepared guitar, selected objects, mixing desk and tape, i elaborated extensively in many pieces and projects and have new ideas, which i can not anymore realize with this.
So i took the decision to adapt my instrumental setup to these new ideas, instead of proceeding from my previous setup and partially being restricted by it.
This is, why "rush!" could be the last solo for my "old" instrumentation.