Archive: Deconstructions,
acoustic collages 1999-2014


Tape composition
for prepared electroacoustic table-guitar, objects, voice-playing, radio and electronics

Developed for the CD
“Berlin Series No.2” Another Timbre,  UK 2013



For prepared guitar, electronics, objects, samples and a loudspeaker.

Developed for the light installation Freischwimmer by Kazue Taguchi

Concert for 4-6 loudspeakers


Solo for strings, voices, objects, electronics and 4-6 loudspeakers in different environments (2009-2012)

Echtzeitmusik-Festival - Ausland, Berlin © Klaus Kuervers
Internationales Musikfestival "Was Hören Wir?" Scheune in Grimma- Kaditsch

guitar solo

Solo for electro-acoustic prepared guitar and 4-track-recorder, recorded in 2000 in Berlin.

Released in 2001 by Fringes Recordings, Milan (sold out).


cover, front
cover, back