Konstruktion#4: Dadadystopian utility music made of rubber, metal, strings, objects, voice and live electronics

– dystopic soundscapes and hybrid spaces (2023)

Konstruktion#4 is a electro-acoustic live assemblage of metal pieces, strings, objects, microphones, tablets and sensors. The choice of material and programming is different in every composition.

In this new new Solo, particles of sound and noise are transformed into neosystopian organisms, sonic biotopes and hybrid reminding sonic landscapes.

(Link: Konstruktion#4 before 2023)

Fragments (selection)

Rubber roll, twirl ,balloon, microphone (1)

Rubber roll, mouth sounds

Twirl, stretched percussion foil, amplified cherry wood board, bicycle tube bow, voice

Rubber roll, twirl ,balloon, microphone (2)


Within Konstruktion#4, the playing, recording, playing back, doubling, mirroring and transforming of sounds and noises create partly random, pulsating, hybrid-organic structures, acoustic biotopes. They form abstract soundscapes, collages of real, surreal and manipulated sounds.
Similar to microcopied preparations on a glass slide, fragile musical equilibria unfold within a biotope, achieved partly through provoked random events within the software, partly through variations of planned structures.
In the first concerts of 2023, I placed these biotopes and structural pictures next to each other, similar to pictures of an exhibition, and separated them from each other by field recordings. In part, the music played merged into a field recording, the sounds of distant places became an integral element of the sounds of the concert space and the music.

Microphones, rotary sensors, tablets, Arduino, computer (MaxMSP), balloons, strings, bicycle tube, paper, foils, screws, pegs, toothbrush, bows, sticks, glass, rubber plates, woods, sticks

Concerts 2023, selection


Keith Rowe Celebration Festival, KM28, Berlin
(also in a spontaneous duo with Keith Rowe!)

Echo Mirror 2.0, Petersburg Art Space, Berlin


With Peter Cusack:
Improvised & Experimental, HoŇ°ek Contemporary, Berlin


Compilation framework : seasonal
2 pieces in Duo with Peter Cusack

The solo and the specific extension and adaptation of the live sculpture Konstruktion#4 could be realized with the kind support of Musikfonds within the frame of Neustart Kultur