Konstruktion#4 / 2

Konstruktion#4 (Version 2023-24) is an electroacoustic, modular live assemblage made of microphones, computer(MaxMSP), tablets(TouchOSC), sensors(Arduino), metal sheets, strings, balloons, bicycle tube, paper, foils, screws, swirls, toothbrush, bows, sticks, glass, rubber sheets and wood.
It has been designed to develop and realize solo performances, compositions, improvisations and audio-visual projects.

Solo performances and compositions 2023-24

Munich, 2023
Variation cycle in four parts

Concert in Munich 2023/Ebenboeckhaus
Video collage, Youtube

Concert in Munich 2023/Ebenboeckhaus

Dadadystopian utility music for rubber, metal, strings, objects, voice and live electronics (2023)
Variation cycle in 1-7 parts

excerpt: Q1

excerpt: Biotop 2

excerpt: metal

Block Party in Chinatown, NY

Fixed Media
Fieldrecording: street festival in Chinatown, NY 2011

Digital Art Space, Munich

Background:  installation by Annegret Bleisteiner
Sound: Annette Krebs
Video: Johann Winkler (12 years old)

Sketches / single materials

Rubber roll, twirl ,balloon, microphone (1)

Rubber roll, mouth sounds

Twirl, stretched percussion foil, amplified cherry wood board, bicycle tube bow, voice

Rubber roll, twirl ,balloon, microphone (2)

Past concerts, selection:

Festival zwei Tage Zeit, Zurich

Out of the Box – Neue Musik im Leonberger Rathaus

Ebenboeckhaus /Artist in Residence Munich
(premiere of “Munich, 2023”)

Digital Art Space,nchen

Berlin: Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Solo & Duo with Peter Cusack

Keith Rowe Celebration Festival, KM28, Berlin

Echo Mirror 2.0, Petersburg Art Space, Berlin
(premiere of „dadadystopian utility music for rubber, metal, strings, objects, voice and live electronics“)

This solo was realized with the kind support of Musikfonds e.V. / Neustart Kultur.