Label: Graphit

Konstruktion 1 & 2 Sah

Graphit 01, 2021

“… The processed, fractured and cryptic sounds and voices, abruptly becoming clearer and suggestive a reflexive perspective on language  – Krebs’ idiosyncratic sonic language, commonly spoken language or another totally abstract and purely sonic language. All these languages may still be considered as a virus from outer space, as William S. Burroughs once coined.”
Eyal Hareuveny

Six sonic movements through amplified metal pieces, paper noises, strings, sine waves, plastic animals, objects, voice, a quietly beeping heating system and street noises

album cover ssm

Graphit 02, 2022

“The most recent solo releases by Annette Krebs have been a treat to hear, each offering a new glimpse into a meticulously refined and impressively distinct aesthetic. Through years of experience and experimentation with elaborate electroacoustic systems she has managed to hone her sound with microscopic precision without detracting any of the improvised music’s instantaneous, spontaneous beauty.”

Connor Kurtz