Steffi Weismann | Annette Krebs

Fluid Existence (2024)
for 2 performers, microscopes, loudspeakers, live video and Konstruktion#4 (premier@Halbschatten: Konzert für ein Hof-Enviroment , 25′)

Acoustic and visual spaces blend into each other and form fleeting, kaleidoscope-like structures that attract and repel each other like molecules or merge into a new substance. At the same time, the connection to everyday perception is maintained, allowing bodies and materials to come to the foreground in their specific properties and appear in a new light. The performers themselves sometimes enter this newly created cosmos of sound and color as actors, shifting the focus to different levels and integrating the location, outside noises and the audience.

Kaltes Glühen (2019)

The duo performance “Kaltes Glühen“(en: cold glow) for microscopic image and sound objects combines color and sound, liquid and solid, visible and hidden. The performers play on a table with everyday objects and an electroacoustic sound sculpture in real time. Images and sounds flow into each other, permeate each other, form contrasts and fluorescent colorations. Microscopic components of objects and sounds become the source material for an audiovisual concert:
Selected materials are put into different aggregate states under a microscope and set in movement. On the screen they develop their specific movement dynamics and light reflections.
The sound objects are played manually. Their sounds are magnified quasi microscopically with microphones. With the help of tablets and sensors, they are collaged and routed into two loudspeakers.

Steffi Weismann: USB Mikroskope, Video
Annette Krebs: Konstruktion#4, Sound
(Sound optimized for headphones or good loudspeakers)

Works until 2015 ( trailer)
(Sound: all frequencies can be heard with headphones or good speakers)

irgendwo ist friederike
for two performers and four loudspeakers
Composition: Annette Krebs

Unfollow. This is me.
for two performers, voice, twitter texts, objects, and loudspeakers
Composition:Steffi Weismann

for usb-microscope, video projection and live electronics
Steffi Weismann: Video
Annette Krebs: Sound

le vol 1
for real-time video projection and live electronics
Steffi Weismann: Video, Performance
Annette Krebs: Sound, Performance

le vol 2
for two performers, objects, four loudspeakers and ghettoblaster
Steffi Weismann: Video, Performance
Annette Krebs: Live electronics, Performance

le vol 3
for text projection, tape and two performers
Steffi Weismann: Video, Performance
Annette Krebs: Sound, Performance